Licensed for all regulated, permitted electrical work under 750 volts, with a primary focus on residential and commercial electrical systems.

Residential and Commercial Electrical Work - Jobs Big And Small Done With Care

Castlegar Electrician
    • New Service Installation

     Get hooked up to the grid with a metered electrical system. A home typically only needs one meter, but additional meters can be added if you plan on having a suite, or a duplex, triplex, or quadruplex. We can help you size and configure your electrical system to your needs. Depending on your location, an overhead or an underground service may be more appropriate. Get a temporary service for construction purposes.

    • Service Upgrades

     Increase your home’s electrical system capacity. A service upgrade involves upgrading and replacing the meter base, the main electrical panel and the associated wiring and ensuring the grounding system meets current codes. Then, disconnecting the old equipment and connecting the new equipment in coordination with the utility provider. We can guide you through the process. Ask us about surge protection and panel replacements too. 

    • Electrical Vehicle Chargers

    An electric vehicle charger can be plugged into a regular 15a receptacle, but a dedicated level 2 charger significantly reduces the charging time. Chargers can be hard-wired or used in conjunction with a 30a or 50a receptacle, depending on the charger. Since an EV receptacle is a large, continuous load on your electrical system, consultation with an electrician before moving ahead with installation is highly recommended. We can provide you a service calculation of the total loads in your home and size the EV charger to meet your needs. There are grants available for EV chargers, ask us for more information.

    • Hot Tubs

    Get your newest luxury item professionally wired. GFCI protection is required for hot tubs, since water and electricity together are not a combination to be taken lightly.

    • Heat Pumps and AC Units

    Heat Pumps and A/C units require a dedicated circuit run to the exterior unit, with a service disconnect installed beside the unit for maintenance. We will coordinate with your HVAC professional to ensure the electrical is taken care of for your new system.

    • LED Lighting

    We source a wide variety of functional, energy-efficient, modern LED fixtures from local wholesalers to transform any room in your home. A variety of options exist for recessed LEDS, such as trim color and shapes, dimmable and color variations to ensure you are blown away by the results. We install and service under-cabinet lighting for kitchens and shops, recessed lighting for anywhere, damp location LEDS for soffits and bathrooms, fluorescent to LED conversions. 

    • Knob and Tube Replacement

    Getting rid of knob and tube wiring is recommended for safety and insurance reasons. Disconnection is relatively easy, but care must be taken to trace and disconnect the full extent of the knob and tube within the home. Rewiring includes running new circuits to feed the previously disconnected locations and replacing the old electrical boxes with modern ones.

    • Generators

    Backup generators can be a great asset in BC where power interruptions happen frequently during the winter. We can help size a portable or permanent generator for your home and wire an exterior connection point, a manual or automatic transfer system and an emergency load panel for your home to ensure your home has emergency power.

    • Commercial Services

    Fluorescent ballast replacement, fluorescent to LED conversion, monitored fire alarm, emergency lighting and exit signs, data wiring, EMT and conduit installation.

    • Silver Label Certifications

    Mobile Home inspection and certification, addition inspection and certification, panel and wiring testing, electrical code compliance work.

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